On Commission | Domestic Violence


National Centre For Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Here is some work recently completed for JWT and the National Centre For Domestic Violence. The campaign aimed to raise awareness of domestic abuse in the UK and inform people that The National Centre for Domestic Violence is there to help. These images were taken using models and dramatic make-up, fake profiles were then created on popular dating websites.

The profiles displayed and described fictitious people. Each of them had a visible injury. At the bottom of the profiles the message read:

'Nobody goes looking for an abusive relationship. Yet 1 in 4 women are trapped in one.If you know someone who is, The National Centre for Domestic Violence can help'.



The campaign was received well with hundreds of messages of support and thousands of views daily to the dating site profiles. The images were designed to look as if they might have been taken by the person in the profile. Thanks to some very clever and subtle make up the images really grab your attention.



Below is one of the E-Harmony dating website profiles as users of the site would view it.



On Commission | Freedom - 28|03|2013



[cp_dropcaps]I[/cp_dropcaps] spent the afternoon with the Blue Mountain Group on a wet and windy day in the Brecon Beacons last week. The Blue Mountain Group are security specialists and were running  a hostile territories training exercise for at risk international Vodafone engineers. Here's Nic the writer from the Times experiencing a pretty full on kidnap simulation.


A remote beach on the West coast of the beautiful Sao Vincente, a great place to go if you're looking to feel alive and free.

Jarvis | On Commission - 29|02|2013


The First Time

Jarvis Cocker Portrait

Jarvis Cocker Portrait

A portrait of Jarvis Cocker taken in 2011. Whilst driving to a shoot this week, Leon who was assisting me that day  asked if I had a favourite ever job.  It's a hard question to answer because much like a favourite song or movie there's too many options to give a definitive answer. Different jobs are enjoyable for totally different reasons.

I was reminded of the portrait above, which I'm extremely fond of. I'm a huge pulp fan and having the opportunity to photograph Mr Jarvis will always be a career highlight. There are various achievements and milestones that every photographer reaches as they climb the career ladder and this shoot is for me certainly one of them.

Stephen & Terry | On Commission - 22|11|2012


Stephen Mangan & Terry Pratchett

A couple of recent portraits I've taken which in terms of look and feel share a few similarities. Firstly actor and very funny man Stephen Mangan (above) who was a total dude and had everyone in stitches.

And secondly...

Mr Terry Pratchett, who broke the ice by joking with me that my flies were undone (they weren't, I quickly checked). This portrait of Terry is fast becoming one of my favourite pictures I've ever taken. Both portraits shot with very similar set-ups, 50mm, strong key - left and high, big close fil and sharp light fall off.

Benedict Cumberbatch | On Commission - 08|11|2012


The Sign Of The Four

I'm a huge fan of the BBC's modern day Sherlock Holmes adaptation and I'm very much looking forward to the next series. So it follows that I was also very excited to photograph the star of the show, actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Unfortunately I wasn't quite so excited with the location in which I would have to photograph him, a narrow corridor. But if there's one thing I've learnt over the years it's how to make corridors look less like corridors, it's sort of my super power.

Wedlock | Personal - 04|11|2012


Look At Where We Are

Cape Verde as it turns out. I married the lady in the photograph above last month. She's one hundred times more than I ever believed would come my way but more importantly she's not camera shy. I've always believed that you project your interpretation of the subject when shooting portraits of strangers, this is of course magnified when photographing someone you're hopelessly in love with. Here are a few interpretations of Mrs Jones on honeymoon.

I'm not entirely sure what happened in the photograph above. I know I'd asked Mrs Jones to sit down in the shallows, but I don't know how I missed the large wave steaming towards her.... she washed up at my feet, smiling as always.

The portrait (above) reminds me of a book page being turned. The left wall being turned over like a page from a book, albeit a book that's being read back to front and one that has no text.

Good bye wedding hello married life....

Top Sante | On Commission - 18|10|2012


Real Life


Whilst often challenging, for me photographing people outside of the public eye in their own environment is usually the most rewarding. The lovely Vici at Top Sante magazine recently asked me to photograph a number of women for a couple of different features. They were fun jobs which took me all over the place and included staying at a superb Chateaux in South France. The portraits above are a few of my favourite images from those commissions.

Andrew Selby | On Commisison - 29|07|2012


Like a Bee

A portrait of Olympic flyweight boxer Andrew Selby taken at his gym in Barry, Wales. When I arrived Andrew was training in a sweat suit in order to make weight for his opening upcoming Olympic bouts. It reminded me of a competition I once had with my sister as a child. The rules were pretty simple, we put on as many winter clothes as we could fit on and then sat next to each other outside in the baking summer sun. The first person to move (or pass out) lost. I can't remember who won which probably means I passed out...

On Commission | Secret Cinema - 13|07|12


Space Jockey

I regularly work with the very talented people at Secret Cinema. The latest event was a mind bogglingly huge undertaking, transforming a disused apartment store in Euston into a spaceship for the showing of Ridley Scott's new film Prometheus.  I was totally blown away by what the Secret Cinema team had managed to achieve this time around. The set they'd built was immersive, a horribly nightmarish and eerie five-floor space. I spent a lot of time on my own wandering around a very dark labyrinthine space ship, guided only by a small torch with the creepy sounds of alien life to keep me company. Unpleasant but fun.

The portrait above of the actor Eke Chukwu is taken in the back of one of the actual film props, a Rt01 group transporter vehicle. Click through to see more images.

Lotan SapirPeter Hinton

On Commission | Cider - 28-06-12



I noticed this portrait of Somerset Cider Company owner Julian Temperley whilst backing up the archives. It's a good-un, I had meant to put it online when I photographed him last month but like many of my portraits it  quickly became buried in my C:

I don't know if you know but Julian's a pretty big deal in the West Country, many of you will recognise the Somerset Cider Bus from Glasto and other musical festivals. Also note the iodine stained fingers, Julian had just birthed a few lambs the morning I photographed him.