Wedlock | Personal - 04|11|2012


Look At Where We Are

Cape Verde as it turns out. I married the lady in the photograph above last month. She's one hundred times more than I ever believed would come my way but more importantly she's not camera shy. I've always believed that you project your interpretation of the subject when shooting portraits of strangers, this is of course magnified when photographing someone you're hopelessly in love with. Here are a few interpretations of Mrs Jones on honeymoon.

I'm not entirely sure what happened in the photograph above. I know I'd asked Mrs Jones to sit down in the shallows, but I don't know how I missed the large wave steaming towards her.... she washed up at my feet, smiling as always.

The portrait (above) reminds me of a book page being turned. The left wall being turned over like a page from a book, albeit a book that's being read back to front and one that has no text.

Good bye wedding hello married life....