On Commission | David Walliams - 25|03|2013


David Walliams

[cp_dropcaps]M[/cp_dropcaps]y portrait of the comedian David Walliams. Shot in 3 minutes dead on, I'm pleased with it. David Walliams first ever TV  appearance was on Games World which I used to love as a kid. If you played computer games in or around the early nineties  you'll probably remember the show. Presented by the enthusiastic Bob Mills, Bob's career path has been slightly different from Davids. From what I can make out (Wiki) he seems to have peaked at Games World. It's odd given the current popularity of computer games that there aren't any TV shows dedicated to them. I for one would like to see Bob back on the TV.


Stephen & Terry | On Commission - 22|11|2012


Stephen Mangan & Terry Pratchett

A couple of recent portraits I've taken which in terms of look and feel share a few similarities. Firstly actor and very funny man Stephen Mangan (above) who was a total dude and had everyone in stitches.

And secondly...

Mr Terry Pratchett, who broke the ice by joking with me that my flies were undone (they weren't, I quickly checked). This portrait of Terry is fast becoming one of my favourite pictures I've ever taken. Both portraits shot with very similar set-ups, 50mm, strong key - left and high, big close fil and sharp light fall off.