South Western Railway | Commercial Photography

Advertising Sea Life Centre

Recent commercial work shot for South Western Railway's 'The Journey Starts Here' Campaign

New Forest Mountain Biking

Plymouth University | Photography

I spent a bright an sunny day in October in Plymouth with some of the University's students. We were tasked with photographing a selection of images in and around some of the independent businesses found in the city. 

Model Test | Archive


Day Dreamer



Scanning through the archives whilst the servers backed-up I noticed this image from a test shoot with model Abi, shot late last year. It must have not grabbed me at the time but looking at it a second time I think it's a beautiful photograph, thought I'd share it here. It's interesting how my taste in images changes year on year. Often an annoyance with photography, it's subjectiveness.

Yoga | Personal - 04|03|2013


Memory Serves

[cp_dropcaps]I[/cp_dropcaps] spent a few hours on Friday last week being reminded of my many muscular flexibility shortcomings. Sarah (seen above) practises yoga four times a week, I try (and fail) to touch my toes four times a year.

I've been looking to add some sports and fitness images to my portfolio and finally got around to shooting the talented Sarah who's a fashion model but also a superb yoga practitioner. I wanted the pics to feel light and bright but to also show off the delicate beauty of yoga in action. We were very lucky with the location having changed venues last minute, the yoga studio fitted perfectly with the vision I'd had for the images.

Here are a couple of images that caught my eye, plenty more great images to come....

Lady-boys of Bangkok | Personal - 23|08|2012



I spent an afternoon in July photographing the Lady boys of Bangkok, a cabaret performance troupe which tours the UK for 9 months of the year. The idea was to  photograph 8 members individually in a variety of poses. The Lady-boys loved their big over-the-top posturing which whilst fun didn't make for great portraiture. I wanted a quieter set of images from the session. Speaking no Thai I resorted to a half mime based communication with mixed results. In the end I just let the Lady-boys get on with it and looked for moments between poses. The Lady boys certainly all had fantastic figures, but it was the tighter head shots that caught my eye. I love that they look a little awkward and forced. I also converted these portraits to black and white, something I rarely do. I felt it helped tone down the loudness of the big bright and colourful subjects.