On Commission | Secret Cinema - 13|07|12


Space Jockey

I regularly work with the very talented people at Secret Cinema. The latest event was a mind bogglingly huge undertaking, transforming a disused apartment store in Euston into a spaceship for the showing of Ridley Scott's new film Prometheus.  I was totally blown away by what the Secret Cinema team had managed to achieve this time around. The set they'd built was immersive, a horribly nightmarish and eerie five-floor space. I spent a lot of time on my own wandering around a very dark labyrinthine space ship, guided only by a small torch with the creepy sounds of alien life to keep me company. Unpleasant but fun.

The portrait above of the actor Eke Chukwu is taken in the back of one of the actual film props, a Rt01 group transporter vehicle. Click through to see more images.

Lotan SapirPeter Hinton