On Commission | Caitlin Moran - 06|07|12


But Still Funny

Caitlin Moran Moranthology

Two members of Royalty in two weeks, first an actual Royal, (The Queen) and now Twitter Royalty, Mrs Caitlin Moran. I have had to hold this on the back burner for a while so as not to ruin any publishing surprises but.... Earlier in the year I was asked by Ebury publishing if I would like to photograph Caitlin Moran for her new book 'Moranthology'. I'd photographed Caitlin before and she'd remembered me and demanded (I imagine) that I take the pics for her new book. I suspect she said something like 'Get me that handsome, charming and funny chap that did the other shoot'...  Regardless of how that all actually happened, I was delighted and flattered that I'd got the call.

We spent the best part of a day trying out different ideas, the publishers decided on the two shots above. The cover shot is on the right and the back cover image on the left. The book which can be bought here is out in September and is expected to sell like hotcakes.