Cyclists | On Commission - 01|05|2013


Higher Ground

[cp_dropcaps]I[/cp_dropcaps] spent a sunny afternoon shooting a feature on Bristol cyclists last week, specifically in relation to plans being drawn up by the Bristol mayor George Ferguson. The campaign hopes to ban cars from the city centre on Sundays, which hopefully might create some sort of city cycling Mecca. I'm proud to live in such a progressive city, I moved here six years ago not knowing much about the place and now would not want to live anywhere else. Saying that, Mrs Jones and I have just bought a house in the middle of the Wiltshire darklands, but it's still close enough to the mighty Briz Broz to call it home when I'm trying to appear stylish.

Here's a few portraits from my day out.

The guy above is called Kai Paulden. Kai rides a bendy bike, that's as much as I know... Unfortunately our conversation got cut short, I never found out why he rides a bendy bike, maybe he just loves a bit of heavy pedalling (I thank you).

Caitlin Morgan (above) is a keen Bristol cyclist and coincidentally a member of the Bristol Roller Derby team whom my good friend and fellow photographer Adam (Wildman) Gasson  has been photographing, take a look here.

The chappy below is Charlie Oboune, manager of Mud Dock cycles, which unbeknown to me has a fantastically positioned cafe overlooking the Bristol docks and serves great Spanish food.