Joe Calzaghe | Newbridge Gym

Joe Calzaghe Portrait 2015

A selection of my favourites from a recent editorial portrait shoot with Welsh former professional boxer Joe Calzaghe. Shot at his father Enzo's boxing gym in Newbridge, South Wales. The vast majority of my photography is shot in colour, but the mood of these portraits lend themselves well to a black & white edit.  

Calzaghe in the ring Newbridge

Calzaghe, for the uninitiated, is the longest-reigning super-middleweight boxing World Champion in history, having held the WBO title for over ten years and making 21 successful defenses before relinquishing the title to move up to light-heavyweight. I'm a big boxing and mixed martial arts fan, it was very, very amazing to meet one of the greatest boxers to have ever competed in the sport. I especially enjoyed seeing and photographing the gym Joe trained in for all those years. It's a small unassuming place on an industrial estate nestled in the valleys along the Ebbw River. Incredible to imagine all the blood, sweat and tears that place has seen.