Professor David Nutt | On Commission

David Nutt photographed sitting under a Phrenology poster

David Nutt photographed sitting under a Phrenology poster


My portraits of Professor David Nutt, current director of the Centre for Neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College in London. Photographed for the FT Weekend at his home in Bristol last month.

David published a book back in 2013 called 'Drugs, Without The Hot Air', which in a funny coincidence I was half way through reading at the time I photographed him. I'd also just finished reading Johann Harri's book 'Chasing The Scream' which covers the history of the war on drugs. Both books are fascinating reads, I'd thoroughly recommend them. It's pretty much impossible to come away from reading either book and still believe in the ideas behind most of the world's drugs policy.  It's crystal clear that the 'war on drugs' was lost a long time ago and current drugs policy is entirely politically motivated, extremely toxic and causes far more harm than good.

David Nutt pictured with his two dogs Sonny and Borris.

David Nutt pictured with his two dogs Sonny and Borris.

David was wonderfully accommodating and even went as far as to let me photograph him with the Phrenology poster above his head (first portrait).  As an academic and scientist, I'm sure David would tell you that Phrenology is nothing but bunk and pseudoscience. Nonetheless he was happy to try out my idea for the sake of a good portrait. 

David Nutt The Week

Hanging proudly above the fireplace in David's office was this framed illustration from the magazine 'The Week'. It graced the cover at the time of his sacking over his comments on the dangers of alcohol relative to less harmful but illegal drugs. A small but brilliant bit of humour and defiance from Proff Nutt.

So Very Far Away | Frame Magazine

Klaus Kemp Diatomist

Prior to meeting Klaus Kemp (above) I had never heard of the art of Diatomy. The Amsterdam based Frame Magazine commissioned me to photograph Klaus for a feature on Diatomy.

Diatoms are microscopic single-cell algae coated in beautiful glass shells, usually found in any natural body of water. There are hundreds of thousands of varieties of diatoms all with individual forms.

Diatom arrangements are beautiful collections of individual diatoms laid out in increasingly complex patterns. Diatomy is very much a Victorian past time. The intense interest in the natural world coupled with the fusing of art and science created the perfect time for something like Diatomy to thrive. All of the arranging is undertaken at a microscopic level. You can imagine the time and patience required to complete one of these works.

Here are a couple of Klaus's pieces. 

Diatom Klaus Kemp
Microscope Portrait
Editorial photograph of a microscope.
Victorian Diatomy Drawer

Dossier | Psychologies Magazine

Editorial Portraiture


Psychologies Magazine

Three portraits shot for psychologies magazine early last month. The commission was shot across the South West of the country and called for warm, friendly and engaging portraits as the feature looked into the benefits of kindness in everyday life.

Shooting in three different locations on three different days - the trick was to try and get a similar feel across the images. Also making the photography look like it could be Spring time when it's the middle of a very cold winter. Creating portraits that appear to have been shot in a different season to the one you're shooting in is something you get used to doing when working for the monthly magazines.




Magazine portrait
Magazine Cover Image.jpg